About Us

ERS Medical personnel has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical industry. They have worked for major medical equipment manufacturers as field service engineers, supervisors, and in administrative management. They have gained additional experience and certifications through the US Army as independent contractors and hold various degrees in Engineering, and Business Management.

Major Clients
Some of our larger contracts include Madera Kidney Center, VA Hospital-Fresno, Rinaldi Surgery Center, Fremont Veterinary Hospital, Pleasanton Surgery Center, San Jose Job Corps Dental Clinic, Penn Valley Fire Department, Excel Physical therapy, Porterville Dialysis Center, as well as a number of additional medical clinics, rehab/surgery centers, hospitals, and fire departments.

Our Business

Choosing ERS Medical is a cost-effective way to manage your medical equipment service needs. By working with an independent contractor, rather than going directly to the manufacturer for your service requirements, your company can save thousands of dollars. Think about it...when your vehicle needs service, do you take it to the manufacturer, or to an authorized service repair center? If you have the money to spend, perhaps you would choose the manufacturer. In today's economy where the bottom line is crucial, the smart choice is ERS Medical.